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Welcome to the new CHI Sustainability Community Wiki!

Sustainability is about decision-making. In some cases, we may know what a sustainable choice would be and we have to communicate this to the user or to the stakeholders. In other cases, the complexity is so high that we need better tools to help us find the choices. Some choices are behavioral while others are implicitly imposed on us by our infrastructure. This is a fascinating area that touches all aspects of human-computer interaction because human activity is central to the issues.

The CHI community has a strong history in designing more useful and usable technologies through an interdisciplinary process. Work with us to extend this foundation by joining the CHI Sustainability Community to help users, designers, engineers, and architects to create better, longer lasting, less wasteful, more useful and usable objects, devices, structures, and infrastructures. From sense-making to affective computing, social networks, large displays, user experience, mobile computing, and end-user programming; almost every area in HCI can be targeted toward sustainability.

This site has been created as a resource to the general CHI community to assist researchers interested in applying their expertise to the challenges of environmental sustainability. Specific experts will be invited to develop pages in their area, key resource publications will be collected, and community specific projects will be described. Furthermore, links to relevant events, conferences, and groups will be provided.

The site will be moderated by Azam Khan, founder of the CHI 2011 Sustainability Community. To make suggestions or to contribute to this effort, please contact Azam at

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